What is Digital Marketing?

        Basically, there are two types of marketing, Traditional and Digital Marketing. The goal for both the marketing is to achieve a customer base and to generate revenue. Under Digital Marketing, we use digital platforms, applications, tools, and strategies to reach the targeted audience to promote and grow business.

        Digital Marketing services have various segments like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Google Ad words, Digital Promotions, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, e.t.c and these all are used to reach the target audience. In another way, Digital marketing is the right way to grow and promote business and its services to people on various online platforms.

Why Digital Marketing?

        Since 1990, World has witnessed the rise of Internet service and with the rise of Social Media Platforms, almost 60% of the world population has switched to either of the social media platforms.

        So, we can understand that majority of the Population is online searching for solutions to their problem. Here we have a big opportunity to promote business online to the target audience. During this Pandemic, the requirement for Digital Marketing services has gone high. All small to mid-size businesses are moving online to promote and grow their business. Finoptiz is one of the top Digital Marketing companies helping businesses like yours to reach desired growth.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Services:

    Customer view leads to engagement and leads to conversion or sales.

    Various Marketing strategies implementation

    Cost-effective Marketing campaigns

    Transparency in growth visuals

    Competitive results compared to traditional marketing

    Time efficiency 

    Turning small businesses into brands

    Building business reputation became easy

We are Digital Marketing specialists, enthusiast and we provide the following services:

1.    Search Engine Optimization

2.    Search Engine Marketing

3.    Social Media Optimization

4.    Social Media Marketing

5.    Online Reputation Management system

6.    Link Building Services

7.    Pay Per Click Services